a bank where the wild thyme blows

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows, Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine: There sleeps Titania sometime of the night, Lull'd in these flowers with dances and delight;" - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Friday, August 11, 2017

  1. For somebody dating or working for the narcissist:
    1. The more you involve yourself with the narcissist is the more YOU WILL PAY. And not just you, but your family too. (With Kanye-West style screaming tantrums at the holiday get-togethers, bizarre scams on the family, threats of violence, bat-shiat-crazy chaos, withholding of children, mental abuse of the children….)
    2. You are getting the message from the universe—get the heck away!!
      IF you don’t, then you deserve what you get!
      But your family doesn’t deserve to pay. Any suffering your family undergoes, and especially KIDS, because you are addicted to the Drama & the narcissist, is ON YOU.
    1. ALTHOUGH—maybe…there might be somethings to do…..
      1. ART INSPIRATION: Use them as inspiration for cartooning on a blog under a fake-name for yourself, and your “characters”. If this is a boss, I’d definitely use a fake-name for yourself. I’ve seen even very rough primitive cartoons featured in art-galleries, done in ballpoint pen on notebook paper…so the person you hate the most, MIGHT turn into a MONEY maker or art inspiration. NEVER, EVER use their real name. Go to a art-gallery tour in your closest big city to see some examples. Some towns have an art-gallery crawl on a certain night.
        How crazy would that be if you created a gallery showing based on your bunghole boss or brother-in-law—-complete with wine, cheese & have an ironic-cheesy weanie roast outside, and cheap beer sold out of your cooler. And 80’s music.
    2. FOR THE FOLLOWING: BE CAREFUL, as you don’t want to get caught, as there WOULD /MIGHT be legal issues. It’d be horrific to have to pay a large chunk of money or give your house to the Kanye-in-the-family.
    3. “KANYE-WEST”-In-the-Family:
      The “Kanye”-in-law in our family LOVES to send HATE mail to his kid’s coaches & all the other kid’s parents on the team, literally spamming hundreds of people each time. And also loves to maliciously meddle in us in-laws relationships, & send hate mail, which possibly led to our divorces. I’d love to post those letters. I’d also love to post all the other awful 35 years worth of things he’s done,
      1. IF YOUR “KANYE”—likes to spam the countryside publicly, you COULD create fake social media accounts in a fake name, fake birthday, email, etc. Pose as a fake team parent. Then Post all the HATE Mail he’s already publicly sent out to this social media account. Anything else he’s done in public may be fair game, as legally there “may” be no expectation of privacy to violate. Ours loves to perform in public bodybuilding competitions, so posting those pics should add to the carnival-like atmosphere.
    4. “KANYE”-At-WORK:
      1. Under a fake name, created with alternate email: Write work reviews at Glassdoor, Yelp, etc, and describe this bunghole but IMPORTANT!! give them an obviously fake name, and DO NOT describe physically. Describe the most outrageous, hurtful things they’ve done to employees or the company in hilarious & colorful terminology, perfect for readers to forward. Be aware, it probably won’t do much good, most companies talk a good lie, but they wont get rid of their Good-Old-BOYS.
  3. NO CURE: There’s no curing a malicious narcissist. The best you can do is warn people away from him, say with the fake social media account. Our Kanye is almost 60, and never changed, never became a tiny bit better. The best thing to do is to stay the heck away from him. He’s also banned from my parents & my house due to violent tantrums. As far as working for a narcissist, the best thing that ever happened for me changing jobs. Now my family no longer has to listen to me going crazy over the latest insanity, like the time she wanted 2 of us to handcount and itemize all the files on the server..

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Google Manifesto/Memo Writer & Gender Discrimination

Regarding the Google Manifesto/Memo Writer:  

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT:  All this arguing could be somewhat prevented IF High-tech and Business started doing more science-based skills-testing pre-hire and through-out employment, also, more thorough background checks looking for proven evidence of empathy and efforts at helping people.  This 100% affects the design of usable product for consumers.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN: Skills testing Could eliminate a huge amount of deadwood and Good-Old-Boy cronyism, and open up the field (I think, hope) to more women and minorities---and reduce the Good-old-boy targeting and undermining of territory intruders (women & minorities).

WHY:  I have worked with mostly men, and many (not all) are cliquey cronies, very unwelcoming to newcomers or "others", and aggressively territorial.  (I do know some that aren't underminers, and for the most part they tend to be the most secure in their skills, irreverent or anti-establishment, and/or tend to be ex-military.)
 Most outsiders (women, others) get subtly undermined, discounted, whisper-campaigned and shut-out.  Many of the Good-Old-Boys are not truly brilliant, if you talk to them, you'll find a very average intelligence, but often very encouraged since childhood to "act" like geniuses--which usually intimidates HR and Managers.

In the high-tech & business world:  I've never seen a science-based skills test, and the background checks are lame-to-nonexistent, ex: Large-Insurance's employment personality test that asks 5-different ways how many people you know do drugs, or Trucking-Software-Co's monthly spam dress-code list that says women can't wear leather coats or open-toed sandals. (I always wondered how many foot-fetishists were on staff, and IF wearing said leather coat & sandals might set off a savage toe-sucking.  Good god, don't go into the elevator with them!!)

What would happen if employees were there by merit + empathy, where they would care enough to analyze & solve world & people problems instead of churning out more unusable widgets.
A lot of product I see going out the door is very poorly tested, testing groups are rare, I've never seen target consumers consulted pre-development and most of the time the product winds up in the landfill.

BURDEN ON THE TAXPAYER:  Clueless "Brilliant Acting" programmers are a HUGE issue.  All corporate, development and production expenses are written off, pushing more tax burden on taxpayers, not to mention landfill costs---so this does affect the Joe-Average Taxpayer.  Not to mention, all these unusable products are sand in the gears of society, bought by individuals, government agencies, military, health care & school systems--and most solutions wind up being extremely hard to use, upgrade, modify or maintain.
Again, Joe-Average Taxpayer. is forced to take up the slack, surprise!, having to play-catch-up, and having to become the "Superman" for their kids, sick family members and elderly.

My contacts have to constantly direction-correct the programming of so-called "brilliant" (expensive) programmers who have no Real-World understanding of the business they are in, or 100% inability or desire to comprehend target consumer's needs and using habits.  
At that point, it's not "brilliant" programming, and the product is full of landmines waiting to destruct  --again, due to territoriality, refusal to share power & document programs, both inside them or in corporate documentation.  At this point, it's more like "The Producers" musical where product is doomed before it's even bought.  Usability was NEVER the goal, selling widgets is.

WHAT IF:  We took all the people who volunteered for helping the elderly or disabled, or ex-military, and groomed them into product developers & programmers? (ex: Cyber-Seniors program)  These workers would actually understand the end-user, and have more chance of learning and understanding the business user's needs as well.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were incredible, fantastic!! on "Lost" & "Battlestar Galactica" (respectively).   Hawaii 5-0 reboot is AWFUL!!   Horrible dialogue, the lead actors are bad with David Caruso/Miami CSI-type posturing & Sulking, UGH!!
You could spoof the whole thing with Ken & GI Joe Dolls--ala Team America (with puppets) and it'd be better.   I'd cancel the whole thing, wait 3 years, then REBOOT again, with good dialogue & actors.     Or Reboot deliberately awful & spoofishness, with a Snakes On A Plane & Sharknado ridiculousness, and occasional Guest appearance from Lost & X-Files actors for added spoofing.

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